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I believe a presentation should do more than educate or inspire. My goal is to shift perspectives and move people to meaningful action. Here are just a few of the topics I love to talk about:


Bridging the gap between good intentions and healthy habits

It's said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The road to health isn't much better. Even those who want to embrace healthy habits struggle to do so. In this session, we’ll probe the reasons why knowing doesn't always translate into doing, and review behavioral research and case studies. Then, we'll translate these insights into best practices that can make our wellness interventions, programming and coaching more inclusive and effective.


Is podcasting the missing piece of your wellness communications strategy?

Internal communication is key to an effective wellness program–and most of us are already drowning in email overload.  But there is another mode of communication with a unique ability to grab our attention, move us to action, and make us feel connected to others, even when we are separated by time or space.  Are you taking full advantage of this in your wellness communications strategy?


Optimal Nutrition for the Performing Artist

Tailored specifically for the unique demands of performers, learn how to fine-tune your diet for the rigors of performance, from managing energy levels to eating well on the road to staying healthy through the busy season. Drawing on Monica's own experience as a professional opera singer, this session will equip you with practical strategies that ensure that you shine brightest when the curtain goes up.


How to spot (and stop) fake news

Misinformation is not just about influencing elections. It's also used to attract attention, drive traffic, and sell products. Monica is an expert at sifting the science from the silliness, helping people make sense of sensationalized headlines, spot fake news, and identify reliable sources. Today more than ever before, we need to cultivate the ability to think critically about the information we encounter. In addition to helping you make smarter foods choices, Monica will make you a more savvy consumer of information in general.

Interested in having Monica speak at your next event?

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